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Экшн-камера Kitvision Edge HD10

Kitvision Edge HD10 фото
— производитель: Kitvision (Китвижн)
— модель: Edge HD10
— экшн-камера
— запись видео Full HD 1080p на карты памяти
— матрица 5 МП
— карты памяти microSD, microSDHC
— вес: 64 г;
— в наличии
— гарантия 12 месяцев
— артикул AC0-2952Мы рекомендуем эту экшн-камера нашим посетителям

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Описание и характеристики Kitvision Edge HD10

Всем привет, дорогие читатели, у нас на обзоре экшн-камера Kitvision Edge HD10 (матрица 5 МП). Начинаем вникать в технические характеристики устройства. Насколько оно соответствует вашим ожиданиям?

This kitvision edge hd 10 is awesome camera with detectable rear screen has 8 mp sensor for pics 1080p for video excellant quality for money take mini usb for charging mini hdmi connect direct to tv plus avi in out for tv connection so they cover all angles its 170 angle lense so it will not disapoint enjoy all new vids in 4K now filmed on my lg g4 get this phone its out of this world this is awesome.Thanks for watching gadgetman404 outHi there here is my review on the Kitvision Edge HD 10 part 2.My part 1 my camera battery was flat so ive charged it up so i can show how to change setting on video mode and camera mode.This a great camera with detachable rear monitor for viewing video's and photo's enjoy using gropro alternative like comment please subscribe leave me a message i get back to all my messages thanks for watching enjoy gadgetman 404 outIntroducing the Kitvision Edge HD10 Action Camera
As well as full HD 1080p video recording, a 170 degree wide angle lens and being waterproof to a depth of 100 metres, the Kitvision Edge HD10 action camera comes with a basic range of mounting accessories, allowing you to you capture all of your action-packed moments.
Ideal for Extreme Sports
Your heart's beating faster. Your mouth is dry. Everything's moving in slow motion. A million thoughts race through your mind, but one overrules the rest: If you don't go through with this, you'll regret it forever. You take a deep breath and disappear down the cliff face, plummet from the plane, take on the tidal wave. Then all too quickly it's gone. But with the Kitvision Edge action camera, it doesn't have to be forgotten. Whether you're scuba diving to 100 metres or skydiving from 15,000 feet, the Edge is the must-have accessory for adrenaline junkies, extreme sports enthusiasts and anyone with a sense of adventure.
Take High Quality Videos and Photos
From abseiling down a mountain to potholing through a cave, some experiences are too good to be forgotten. But with the Edge HD10 action camera, they won't be. As well as taking 8 megapixel photos in Single Shot, Triple Shot and timed shooting modes, full high definition video recording in 1080p at 30FPS lets you savour every sensation and captures everything you might have missed the first time round. Add to that the Edge's 170 degree ultra wide angle lens and 4 x digital zoom and you can rest assured you're not missing any of the action.
A Range of Accessories Included
What gives this camera the edge over the competition is that it comes with a wide range of essential accessories, including mounts to attach it to a board or a helmet and a detachable TFT screen so you can monitor exactly what you're filming. What's more, an included waterproof case means you can record water-based activities like scuba diving, surfing and wakeboarding too.
About Kitvision
With a wide range of cameras and accessories, Kitvision is here to help you record your memories. We're committed to developing the very latest technologies so you can capture, re-live and share your experiences in the best way possible. By remembering the past and embracing the future, our vision is for every single precious moment to be treasured forever.
• Micro SD / micro SDHC cards above Class 6 - up to 32 GB (not included)
• 4x digital zoom in 720p @ 30 and WVGA mode
• Built-in high quality microphone
• High capacity rechargeable battery: up to 2.5 hours continuous recording
• Weight: 64 g (110 g with TFT screen and battery)
Just brought a new camera, so I thought I'd try it out! Likes appreciated.Hi guys just short one doing nice flight when nearly flew into myself with my Syms 8xc fast and low and can see me cutting the grass camera kit vision edge HD 10 check out my review demo enjoy thanks for watching please subscribe like comment leave me a message i get back to all messages left me gadgetman 404 outAll footage captured with Kitivision's Edge HD10 Action Camera, please view in Full HD settings for accurate representation of video quality.
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Часто задаваемые вопросы (FAQ)

  • Как подключить Kitvision Edge HD10 к компьютеру? Поделитесь русской версией Kitvision Studio, давно ищу эту программу.
  • Комплектация Edge HD10: экшн видеокамера, аккумулятор, зарядное устройство. Что еще? Есть ли в комплекте дополнительные крепления, аксессуары?
  • Скоро Новый Год 2016, ищу классный подарок парню под елку, есть несколько моделей из которых не могу выбрать одну, обзоры и тесты изучены, с кем можно связаться и получить совет или консультацию в Москве?
  • Отзывы покупателей Китвижн Edge HD10, плюсы и минусы данной модели.
  • Наш рейтинг TOP10: лучшие action-камеры 2015 года
  • Не могу найти защитную линзу для моей экшн-видеокамеры Kitvision. Помогите
  • Ищу инструкцию по настройке Kitvision Edge HD10, вроде бы всё просто, но остались вопросы, дайте ссылочку на скачивание
  • Увлекаюсь бегом, хочу снимать всё, что происходит вокруг от первого лица. Какую камеру выбрать?
  • Можно ли использовать Kitvision Edge HD10 как видеорегистратор? Существует ли в продаже соответсвующее крепление?
  • Визуально и по харакетристикам Edge HD10 вроде бы подходит, но какие еще экшн-видеокамеры вы порекомендуете? Возможно я какую-то не заметил?
  • Как не купить подделку Kitvision? Не хочу попасться на китайский фейк, интересует сравнение с оригинальной Edge HD10, снимите видео, пожалуйста.
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